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It’s been a big year for cool young  women in the media, thanks in part to Taylor Swift. But since I’ve already kind of written about how much I love her, I thought I’d dedicate my first Girl Crush post to one of my favorite members of her squad, Ms. Karlie Kloss. Maybe it’s our shared Midwestern roots; I’m from Indiana, she’s from St. Louis. Maybe it’s the fact that we both love to bake (check out Karlie’s Kookies), although her cookies are wayyyy healthier than mine. Whatever it is, I’ve found I really like her, and I hope that after reading this, you will too 🙂

First things first, she’s made a name for herself for being an incredible fashion model (and an incredibly tall one at that, at 6’1″, yikes!), so let’s start there. Karlie began modeling at the age of 14, after having formal training in ballet. (Hey, I do ballet too, probably another reason I love her.)  A few of the ones you might recognize her from include Victoria’s Secret, Dior, Coach,  L’Oréal, Nike, and Vogue (34 cover appearances, nbd). Recently she was made the face of Topshop for 2016. (Hint: I highly encourage you to follow that link.)

To be honest, though, she has worked with so many people that I can’t possibly list them all here because it would be the entire rest of the post, but if you want to see for yourself, you definitely should.

But if that isn’t enough, she’s majorly intelligent as well. Apart from her business ventures (see Karlie’s Kookies, above), she was accepted into New York University in September 2015, and does her homework between shoots. What’s more, she loves coding. That’s right, writing computer code. In college, it was the bane of my existence. I just couldn’t figure it all out, and that was the worst feeling. I’m a Ravenclaw, guys; I was used to being naturally good at school, and not being able to pick up coding was a serious shocker. Maybe if I had had a role model like Karlie, showing me that you could be cool AND code at the same time, maybe it would have encouraged me to focus more on learning it, rather than quitting engineering completely 😑

She has also partnered with the Flatiron School in New York to encourage high school girls to learn how to code by offering scholarships to a two week intensive course. The Flatiron School is an academy dedicated to teaching web development and technology, fields still lacking in female contribution, and it looks amazing! There’s still time to sign up for the 2016 Kode With Karlie scholarship, so if you know anyone eligible and interested, it sounds like it would be a fantastic opportunity.

Coding is an wonderful skill to have. It makes you incredibly marketable on the career front, because it’s the language that powers so many of the things we use on a day-to-day basis. Your phone, Facebook, the clock in your car, whatever you’re reading this on right now; it’s all been programmed with some sort of computer code. Coding is a language all its own, and in total there are hundreds of different kinds, with some used for web development, some for apps, etc.

In fact, in taking on this blog I’ve started picking it back up again. Or, more accurately, completely starting over because the last class I took was almost 9 years ago. (Ugh 👵.)  But regardless, I’ve signed up for a free coding class from Codecademy so pretty soon my blog will be the fanciest* out there 💅

The hardest part of coding, for me, was learning how to organize my thoughts. My brain is like a beehive of activity and I’m constantly moving from one task to the next, sometimes abandoning something mid-task then abandoning another thing later to get back to the first thing! Then, of course, moving right along to the next thing. Probably not the best strategy for coding. Or life… /:  Really, though, it’s great to seeing coding being sincerely advocated by a supermodel, of all people. It would be very easy for someone in her position to either not take up coding at all, or to keep it to herself, since historically it hasn’t been a very ~cool~ thing to do. Way to go, girl.

Sorry for the aside. Back to the point–Karlie also has her own YouTube channel, which I know a lot of people do, so that’s not like breaking news or anything, I know, as well as maintaining an active presence on TumblrTwitter, and Instagram, and constantly making sure she has time to exercise and eat right, no matter where she is.


All of her accomplishments and activities make me feel so lazy, and she’s only 23! If I can go to the lab AND make pasta for dinner, I consider it a successful day. I think I really need to step up my game…

Now obviously (& unfortunately) I’ve never met her, so of course I can’t talk about her personality, but from what I’ve read, she’s an absolute doll. Which is super refreshing to hear, because quite frequently it seems as though people who have to world at their feet tend to take advantage of their situations. However, if/when (wishful thinking) I do get to meet the magnificent Karlie Kloss, I’ll let you all know just how sweet she is 😉

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