about owl&archer

Welcome to owl&archer! This is meant to be a lifestyle blog with a nerdy little twist; I’ll be trying my very best to explain some of the science behind everyday things in a way that’s fun, interesting, and easy to understand. There are so many truly amazing things in this world, from the very big to the very small. I’ve always been curious about how things work, and I hope that by reading my blog you’ll learn a few things you never knew, and hopefully start wondering about things yourself 🙂

This page is both a post and a page, to make it easier to find for new visitors. So, if you’ve already read the Welcome post, this is literally verbatim, so feel free to move along.

But for the rest of you, let me give you a little primer on how to read this blog. It’s not like the other lifestyle blogs, it’s a cool nerdy blog 💁. Basically, my heroes growing up were Lisa Simpson and Hermione Granger, but I also just really wanted to be cool. (Side note: I failed).  All my life I’ve been trying to combine my need to understand the world around me with things that won’t label me as a complete social pariah, and I’m trying to do that here as well. I believe fully in the power of education, and more importantly, curiosity in the world and how it works.

I chose to call this blog owl&archer for a few reasons. First, owls symbolize wisdom, which is something I strive for on a daily basis. Secondly, the owl is also a symbol of femininity. In ancient Greek literature, the goddess of wisdom was Athena, who was often represented by an owl. Also, there’s this ancient legend that the first wife of Adam was named Lillith, and after she was cast out of the Garden of Eden for demanding equality with Adam, she was considered a demon who appeared in the form of a screech owl. I don’t know, they were afraid of a strong woman, I guess.

Next, I chose “archer” because I like the show Archer.

Psych. I mean, I do like it, but that’s not why I chose the name. Can you imagine if it was, though? You’d stop reading right now and never come back. But no, really, arrows seem to symbolize the strength and determination to reach one’s goals. Furthermore, an arrow has to go backward before it can spring forward, and I certainly have had my share of setbacks, but always something great comes from it. But also I like to be in charge of my path in life, so I’d rather be the archer than the arrow.


I have a few categories that will appear regularly, so let me explain them here:

Lifestyle: This is the general catch-all, “how do things work” section and it might range anywhere from “how drinking water is helpful” to “how do we perceive the world” to “why are some people cat people and some are dog people?”

Sciencebased: This is where my more science-y articles will end up, and will cover things based more in biology and general science. I’ll also include in this section how the products we use actually work.

Girl Crush: This is where I will write about women who have inspired me and/or who I find interesting; that is, the Wonderful Women that contribute to our world. These people will range from researchers and doctors to activists and models, and everyone in between. If she’s out there inspiring change in the world, no matter how large or small, she’s fair game. I’ll post these articles every other Wednesday (Woman Crush Wednesday, duh.)

Additional categories will most likely pop-up along this journey, so as they do I’ll post them here.

Tips for Reading

So, in general I intend for this whole blog to have a light-hearted, informal, conversational tone. However, this is the part where I’m going to get all serious.

I promise to do my best and present the most accurate information, but being a career scientist I can tell you that science is a rapidly changing discipline, and there are literally thousands of scientific articles on any one topic, followed by hundreds of interpretations by magazine/newspaper/etc, which contain the opinions of hundreds of different people. So what I’m saying here is that it is 99.99% likely that you will be able to find contradictory statements for every statement I make. This is just the nature of science. I’m trying my absolute best to find the most widely-accepted and scientifically valid information, but just remember, friends, that only Siths deal in absolutes.

I’m also going to do my best to provide for you the articles from which I’ve taken my information, and those will be posted on my Pinterest. They’ll be grouped in boards by the month of posting, with the title of the corresponding article and website in the pin description. I most likely won’t be able to post the primary source literature (that is, the actual science articles) because to read them you would have to pay, BUT if you’re interested in reading an original source, please don’t hesitate to email me and I’ll see what I can do for you!

Guidelines for Commenting

Ok friends, so this part is even more serious. Please don’t be mean to anyone; there’s enough negativity on the internet and in the world, and I don’t want my small space to be part of that, please. I encourage respectful critical reading, but personal attacks, inflammatory comments, or just plain mean spirited sentiments won’t be tolerated. I really choose to believe that no one here is intentionally antagonistic, and this includes me; if something I say offends you, please email me and let me know in an adult, respectful way and I will do what I can to accommodate you. It isn’t ever my intention to make anyone’s day worse. But remember, no one can please everyone.

Please keep this in mind particularly regarding the Girl Crush segment as well. Everyone I will write about is human, and humans do good things and bad things. It is inevitable that someone I write about will have done things they aren’t so proud of, just like you and me, and it is likely that at least one person I write about won’t be your favorite person in the world. Arguing why so-and-so is or is not a good person isn’t really productive, and in most cases won’t change either of our minds. But don’t worry, if so-and-so ends up murdering a million people, she will promptly be removed from the list of Wonderful Women, and any blog post about her will also be removed. I will read all the comments, and if there is something outright mean posted toward anyone (at all, in the whole world) it will be removed.

Just be cool, guys.

Ok, ç’est tout, mes amis. I hope you enjoy reading ❤️